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While being able to find new products for your venue at no cost

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Welcome to STOKL

We realise the importance of being able to order and manage your inventory in the best way possible, that’s why we created Stokl. Each member of the Stokl team comes from different backgrounds of hospitality and we understand the struggle of finding the time to source new suppliers or simply order stock when you’re on the floor and under the pump.

Venue Features

Order from any supplier

Order from any supplier, including those not on STOKL through our exclusive technology.

Order from all your suppliersat once

Order from all of your suppliers at once rather than through individual orders, saving time and money.


Search for new products and stock within our extensive marketplace.

Manage your orders in one place

Do you have multiple pricing tiers or points, you have the ability to alter individual pricing and issue discount at any point in the ordering process.

Recurring orders

Do you order the same items weekly? Use our reoccurring orders tool to set up frequently standing orders

See your exclusive pricing

Don’t waste time looking for your pricing, find your individual pricing in one place for every product.

STOKL’s request for tender

STOKL request for tender (RFT) is a venue exclusive service in which we assist with providing tendering documentation and supplier contacts to assist your venue in going out to tender. Our account managers providing STOKL RFT come from experienced procurement positions within venues of all shapes and sizes, meaning we have the resources to ensure your venues gets a head start when looking for new products. Contact us to learn more.

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